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Scooter trip on Santo Antao

December 15, 2020

We have heard very good things about the neighbouring island, Santo Antao, so we definately had to make a visit there when we were in Mindelo. The easiest way to visit the island is to take the ferry from Mindelo and then jump onto one of the cars that drive people around on the island, or rent a car or scooter. We rented scooters in Mindelo and took them on the ferry over to Santo Antao.

It was a really cool island, and definitely worth a visit if ever in Mindelo. Here comes a bunch of photos to show this cool place.

Ferry ride early in the morning to Santo Antao.

We started with the road across the island up to the mountains.

Pretty cold and cloudy/rainy at the top.

On the northwest side of the island was this really cool green valley. It was so incredibly lush!

The coastline was more rugged.
We ate lunch at one of the small villages along the coast, really cheap. About 7€ for the both of us.

Not only cars on the road.

What looked like an abandoned beach resort.

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