The Boat

Anne-Mon is a sailboat of model OC35, ketch rigged and long keeled. She was built in 1967 by Malmö Flygindustri in Sweden. It is a robust boat that was built for sailing across oceans, but she has never had the opportunity.

We have bought the boat as a renovation-project and started preparing her for a sailing adventure. 

More pictures from the day we bought her can be found HERE and all the work that we have done and will do in the future can be found under the category Renovation

OC35 ketch
Anne-Mon anchored at Huvudskär in Stockholm archipelago.
OC35 ketch
Anne-Mon with all sails hoisted.
Some facts about Anne-Mon:
  • Name: Anne-Mon
  • Call sign: SF7545
  • Model: OC35 ketch
  • Year of manufacture: 1965
  • Manufacturer: Malmö Flygindustri
  • Constructor: John Melchior
  • Length Over All (LOA) w.o. bowsprit/dinghy davit: 10.7 meters (35 ft)
  • Length Over All (LOA) w. bowsprit/dinghy davit: approx 13 meters (43 ft)
  • Waterline Length (LWL):  8.49 meters (28 feet) 
  • Width: 3.3 meters (11 ft)
  • Depth: 1.7 meters (6 ft)
  • Weight/displacement: approx 7’000 kg (15’432 lbs)
  • Keel-type: Longkeeled
  • Hull: Sandwich with fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Stern: Positive
  • Rudder: Underlying
  • Engine: Volvo Penta MD19
  • Fuel tank: 2 tanks (approx. 350 liters in total)
  • Water tank: 3 tanks (haven’t measured volume, but approximately 300 liters)
  • Septic tank:  70 litres
  • Rig: Ketch-rigged
  • Main mast: 15 meters (49 feet) 
  • Mizzen mast: 8 meters (26 feet)

If you want to read more about what equipment we have on our sailboat, click on the link HERE.

OC35 ketch
An old drawing of an OC35 ketch.
An overview of the interior in the boat.
An overview of the systems in the boat. F – Fuel tanks (3 in total, 2 of the tanks are for the engine and the third is a smaller for the diesel stove heater), W – water tanks (3 in total), E – the engine, G – the generator, B – the box for the batteries, H – a water heater, Fr – One fridge in the galley and a cooling box under one of the beds in the stern. In the bow is the bow thruster.

More info about the boat model OC35:

2 Replies to “The Boat”

  1. Ketch Rig, If you have help it is ok. But , sloop rig will be much more easier for you.
    But, I understand boat connection. You saw her, she saw you and the relationships has begun. Fair winds,warm waters,God bless you abundantly. Ahoy from Boston-USA, area.

    1. Yes, I guess it will be some more work for us, but I’ll think we’ll manage. After all, she was owned and sailed by two persons before us. It is truly a good and stable boat and that is what we really liked. Fair winds to you as well 🙂

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