Our route

This is the sailing route we did when sailing from Europe, across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean and back again. We started our sail from Stockholm, Sweden and sailed along the coast of Europe. We did a lot of preparations for the Atlantic crossing at the Canary Islands. Before starting the Atlantic Crossing we stopped at the Cape Verde Islands. We spent roughly 4 months cruising the Caribbean before we started the Atlantic Crossing back to Europe. Our first stop in Europe was the Azores, very strategically located in the Atlantic Ocean. Before we reached Sweden again, we sailed to the UK.

Below is an interactive map of our sailing route from Europe to the Caribbean. If you click on each symbol on the map, you find dates and a small comment about each of our stops. Under the map we have also listed all our blog posts from the sailing adventure, if you want to read more about all the places we visited.

NEWS UPDATE October 2023: We have bought a new boat, a Wasa 530. Read more about it on this page: The Boat – Anne-Mon II.

Our new sailboat is in need of some upgrades and renovations as it has been standing for 10+ years. We will post all future boatwork on our YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/SailingAnneMon.

Northern Europe
Sweden (Aug-Sep 2020)
  1. Departure day!
  2. Exploring Öland
  3. Skåne, last outpost in Sweden
Denmark (Sep 2020)
  1. Engine problems at Vejrø
  2. Stuck at Vejrø with a broken engine
Germany (Sep 2020)
  1. Kiel canal transit
  2. Sailing through Germany
Netherlands (Sep 2020)
  1. Fixed Mast route (Staande Mast Route)
  2. Sailing past the shipping lanes to the English Channel
France (Sep-Oct 2020)
  1. A visit by the coastguards…
  2. Sailing in Normandy
  3. Our last days in France before the Biscay crossing
  4. Sailing over Bay of Biscay in October
Atlantic Europe & Africa
Spain (Oct 2020)
  1. A short visit in A Coruna
Portugal (Oct-Nov 2020)
  1. Night sail to Portugal and Viana do Castelo
  2. Sailing through huge waves along coast of Portugal
  3. Drinking port wine in Porto
  4. Long sailing legs along the Portuguese coast
  5. A week in Lagos!
  6. Our sail from Lagos to Canary Islands
Canary islands (Nov-Dec 2020)
  1. First stop at Canary Islands – beautiful La Graciosa
  2. Refill gas bottles in Canary Islands (Lanzarote)
  3. Chill/prep days at Gran Canaria
  4. Canary islands to Cape Verde crossing
Cape Verde (Dec 2020)
  1. Enjoying the African vibes in Mindelo
  2. Scooter trip on Santo Antao
Atlantic Crossing
  1. Atlantic Crossing – Part 1
  2. Atlantic Crossing – Part 2
St Vincent & the Grenadines (Jan-Feb 2021)
  1. Waiting for test results at Young Island
  2. Wonderful days in Bequia
  3. More photos from Bequia
  4. Next stop in the Grenadines – Mayreau
  5. Having paradise for ourselves (almost)
  6. Dog shelter and hikes
  7. Back to Tobago Cays and fancy resort visit
  8. A lot of fish and birds at beautiful Chatham Bay
  9. Our last days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Dominica (Feb-Mar 2021)
  1. Motor problems and a windy sail from SVG to Dominica
  2. Trying to find a waterfall and Indian River boat tour
  3. Red rocks, chocolate factory and another waterfall
  4. Canyoning and Trafalgar falls
  5. Jungle sleepover in Dominica
  6. Two nights in Wotten Waven
Antigua & Barbuda (Mar-Apr 2021)
  1. Towards a new country – Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Off to the island with the most spectacular beaches!
  3. Hurricane damage hotel, Frigate Birds and sink hole
  4. Finding caves in Antigua
Statia, Sint Maarten & St Barths (Apr 2021)
  1. Diving in Statia and off to Sint Maarten
  2. A visit to St Barths and final preparations
Atlantic Crossing
  1. Atlantic Crossing West-> East – Part One
  2. Atlantic Crossing West to East – Part Two
  3. Atlantic Crossing West -> East – Part Three
Europe Return Trip
Azores (May-June 2021)
  1. Back on land after 26 days at sea
  2. Exploring Faial
  3. Day trip to the island Pico
  4. The mandatory painting on the pier in Horta
  5. Sailing from the Azores to UK
UK (June-July 2021)
  1. Enter UK with sailboat after Brexit
  2. Anchoring in Pembrokeshire
  3. Exploring Solva
  4. Sailing up to Northern Wales
  5. Sailing through the Menai strait
  6. Whiskey and wine on Islay
  7. Sailing along the Inner Hebrides
  8. Caledonian Canal with sailboat
  9. Sailing across the North Sea
Sweden again (July-Aug 2021)
  1. Our first stop in Sweden
  2. Sailing along the east coast of Sweden
  3. Last night of our sailing adventure
sailing route Europe to Caribbean
Picture from our last night on our sailing adventure. Hope you found our map with our sailing route and stops we did when sailing from Europe to the Caribbean useful 🙂