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We are a Swedish couple with the dream to sail around the world. We bought our sailboat Anne-Mon I in August 2018 as a renovation project, we worked as much as we could to get the boat (and ourselves) ready to sail the oceans. In August 2020 we left Sweden and sailed to the Caribbean and back again, returning to Sweden a year later.

In October 2023 we bought our second sailboat, Anne-Mon II, also a renovation project, that we are currently working on upgrading so we can sail on the oceans once more! We will post all the boatwork we do on Anne-Mon II on our YouTube channel:

But this page is not about the boat, it is about us and who we are! 🙂

sail around the world

We met at university were we both studied Vehicle engineering at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. We started talking about a sailing adventure early on. When we both had graduated we could start saving money and buy our sailboat to make the dream some true.

sail around the world



I grew up in a suburb area and during my early years I played a lot of soccer and I spent a lot of time in the archipelago with my family and friends. My interest for different kind of vehicles started at an early age. I bought my first boat, a sailboat, together with a friend when we were 15 years old. It was a Monark 700.

After finishing high school I started to study Vehicle Engineering at KTH in 2010. In 2011 I bought another boat with another friend. It was an old fishing boat, which was in quite bad shape when we bought it. We renovated the boat and the engine to get it in a good condition. The fishing boat were used frequently during the summer months in the archipelago, together with some friends. Most of the time to the sauna on the island Ostholmen or to the village of Sandhamn.

In 2015, when I was almost finished with my university studies I bought the ship. A 22-meter long ship made of steel and a background as a military vessel. The ship needed some renovation as well, to become a comfortable ship to spend some time on. One major job we did was to change a big part of the keel since it was rusty.

At university I got a degree in Vehicle Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechatronics. After finishing university I started working as an electronic engineer, and currently working at a company that develops electric foiling boats.

The fishing boat.
The ship in the dry dock where we changed a big part of the keel.


I was born in the west coast of Sweden, close to Gothenburg, but moved to the southern part of Sweden when I was eight years old. We lived on a farm with my parents and my little sister, and we had a lot of horses. My passion in life was my horses and my sister and I started early to compete in show jumping. Since we had a lot of horses it meant a lot of work taking care of them and training them, which was what we did most of our spare time after school. One of my horses was called Anne-Mon, and she is the namesake for our boat.

In 2011, after finishing high school, I started studying Vehicle Engineering at KTH. During my university years I arranged a lot of parties and other fun activities at the student association.

The same year I started working as a Software developer in Embedded Systems, which later has transformed into team leader and coordinating roles. I really enjoy that part; how to make people communicating and collaborate with each other, how to create an open and transparent environment and so on.

Me and Anne-Mon at a show jumping competition in 2008. She is unfortunately not alive any more. We named our sail-boat after her, she was a very kind and good horse.
sail around the world
Enjoying a summer evening on the ship in the archipelago.




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  • Calin Rotarus

    Hello Petra and Thomas,

    I also have a 39 ft ketch and a lot of dreams. I have bought it from Gullspang and I started a journey towards Aegean sea with it (Vannern-Gothenburg-Helsinborg-Copenhagen-Lubeck-Hannover-Duisburg-Koblenz-Frankfurt and now she is in Wurzburg). Due to the big efforts up the Rhine, my Volvo Penta MD19 68 HP needs a new cylinder head gasket. I saw that you have repaired yours and maybe you can give me an advice: The gaskets I have found on internet have the diameter 94 mm, but the cylinders of the engine have a diameter of 88 mm. Is it ok? For example I found this:

    Thanks a lot!


    • Sailing Anne-Mon

      Hi, think you can use that one, we bought this kit from Der Franzose:
      and it says bore diameter 94mm which is the same as you were looking at and it has worked for us (so far, fingers crossed).

      Fun to hear about your boat, good luck with both it and the engine and future sailing adventures. If you have any further questions regarding the renovation, feel free to ask.

      /Petra & Thomas

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