Atlantic Europe & Africa

In this category all our blog posts related to sailing destinations in Atlantic Europe and Africa can be found. In our blog we have chosen to define Atlantic Europe as the seas we will sail south of Bay of Biscay, including the Azores on the return trip. In Africa we sailed to Cape Verde. All posts about sailing can be found under the category Sailing. Links to blog posts from our sailing in Atlantic Europe and Africa:

Spain (Oct 2020)
Portugal (Oct-Nov 2020)
Canary Islands (Nov-Dec 2020)
Cape Verde (Dec 2020)
Azores (May-June 2021)

  • sailing from Azores to UK

    Sailing from the Azores to UK

    After we had been on the Azores a couple of weeks it was time for us to start sailing to the UK. We started sailing from the Azores to UK June 11th. We left the Azores in June so that we would be able to make it back home to Sweden before August. We started working again September 1st and wanted to have some spare time so we wouldn’t have to stress for the last part of the sail. We also wanted to arrive to Sweden before the Swedish summer ended. Day 0 – June 11, 2021 After the drama with the autopilot, when we started our sail to UK,…

  • The mandatory painting on the pier in Horta

    June 5-11, 2021 After we had explored both Faial and Pico, we focused more on preparing for the upcoming sail to UK. As we had fixed most of the things we needed to fix earlier we didn’t have so much boat jobs to do. But still there’s always stuff to do to make the boat better, and also some of the stuff we had to fix we had to order and then wait for it to arrive. One such thing was the new steering wire, we had ordered a new one with the correct dimensions. When the steering wire broke on the way to Azores we replaced it with the…

  • Day trip to the island Pico

    June 5, 2021 Just next to Faial in the Azores is the island Pico. The two islands are located very close to each other and a short trip with the ferry easily takes you to Pico. As we heard that it was a very cool island we decided to take the ferry there together with Svala and their crew. And we were not disappointed! Pico was very cool and pretty, and a lot of cows! Taking the ferry from Horta was very easy, and a visit to Pico is something you shouldn’t miss if visiting Faial. We took the ferry by foot and rented a car once we got to…

  • Exploring Faial

    May 29, 2021 After we had gotten most of all jobs we needed to do after the crossing we set out to explore the island Faial. We really like the Azores in general, amazing nature, very good food and we were quite lucky with the weather on our stay. A lot of the food you buy in stores on the islands are also produced here; dairy products, meat and fruit and vegetables. Which is really nice! The people are also really friendly and a lot of pretty buildings. Really, really recommend that you not just “pass by” the Azores. We rented a car together with Emma and Roger from Sanuti…

  • Back on land after 26 days at sea

    May 26-28, 2021 So, after we had finally arrived to Horta on Faial, one of the islands in the Azores. But before we were allowed ashore we had to take a PCR test for covid-19 and get the result. We arrived in the evening and when we were satisfied with the anchoring we went to sleep. Being just the two of us across the Atlantic means quite limited sleep, so it was nice to have a full night sleep. During the Atlantic crossing towards the Azores we did 6-hour shifts. We have tried some different night shifts throughout and we have concluded that 6 hour shift during the night works…