Enjoying the African vibes in Mindelo

After we had checked in properly it was time to take a look at the place we now had sail to, but first we sat down at the marina bar. We took a beer, ate a cheap lunch and used the Wi-Fi. After over a week without limited contact with the outside world it was nice to just sit for a while and scroll through social media.


After we had just been chilling for a while we took a walk around Mindelo.

Pretty beach!

A lot of colorful houses in various condition, some really fresh like this one and some very worn out.
View of the bay.

A very cozy cafe we visited, La Pergola it was called.

We visited some other places in Mindelo but moset of the time we were here at the marina bar. They had internet and good, cheap food and some evenings they played music. It was a mix of boatpeople and locals here which was really nice.


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