Northern Europe

In this category all our blog posts related to sailing destinations in Northern Europe can be found. In our blog we have chosen to define Northern Europe as the seas we will sail north of Bay of Biscay, and will include sailing in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel and Bay of Biscay. All posts about sailing can be found under the category Sailing. Links to blog posts from our sailing in Northern Europe:  

Sweden (summer & autumn 2019 - Before departure)
Sweden (Aug-SEP 2020)
Denmark (SEp 2020)
Germany (Sep 2020)
Netherlands (SEp 2020)
france (SEp-Oct 2020)
UK (June-July 2021)
Sweden (July-AUG 2021)

  • Last night of our sailing adventure

    August 5-6, 2021 After almost one year out sailing we started our last overnight sail, from Torrö close to Västervik to Bullerö in Stockholm archipelago. It was a nice calm sail, we sailed outside of the archipelago up to Bullerö. When we started the trip one year earlier we sailed the inshore route as it felt safer to close to the islands, but on the return trip we sailed outside as we thought that was easier. No need to worry about hitting a rock or something during the night. Quite some different mindset after a year. We really have become more comfortable with open water and sailing during nights than…

  • Sailing along the east coast of Sweden

    July 28- August 4, 2021 After two nights in Skanör we continued the sail along the Swedish coast. Our next sail would be an overnight sail to Kalmar. We left Skanör quite early in the morning. We wanted to arrive in Kalmar not to late the next day as a gale was incoming. We had booked a spot in the marina to be sure we got a place for the night when the gale would pass. The sail up to Kalmar started out calm, but when we reached the strait of Kalmar the wind picked up and the last part of the sail we had some strong winds. We reached…

  • Our first stop in Sweden

    July 17-28, 2021 Our first stop in Sweden was Arild, in southern part of Sweden. We stopped there since it was where Petras parents live. We got greeted by our family and friends and spent little more than a week there, enjoying some Swedish summer. After a couple of days in Arild we headed south to sail around the southern tip of Sweden before sailing north again up to Stockholm. We stopped for two nights in Skanör in southern Skåne. Skanör has huge white beaches, almost like being back in the Caribbean. In Skanör we enjoyed the sunny weather and had a drink at a beach bar in the evening.…

  • Sailing across the North Sea

    July 11-17, 2021 So after almost a year away sailing it was time for us to start our last longer sailing leg. We would sail from Scotland to the south-west coast of Sweden where Petras parents live. We left Inverness in the afternoon and sailed with the tide out towards the North Sea. The first evening was calm and we motored all night. The following morning we got some wind and could set sails. Usually during our previous crossings we have filled in what we’ve been doing each day in the log book, but for this crossing we unfortunately did not. So this blog posts will be some snapshots of…

  • caledonian canal sailboat

    Caledonian Canal with sailboat

    July 8-10, 2021 We had decided to go through Scotland, on the Caledonian Canal with our sailboat instead of sailing around Scotland. One of the reasons is the time saved and also cool to sail through Scotland and on the Loch Ness. We arrived to Corpach quite late, after the locks had closed for the day. There was a small dock we could moor against next to the first lock. It wasn’t the best spot but it was good enough. We had pre-booked and paid for the canal before we arrived (at the Scottish Canal website). We showed our paperwork to the personnel and proof of payment. The following morning…