Information about cruising

What does it cost to sail around the world? What is the preparation costs for sailing around the world? What equipment do you need to have? And what paperwork? When we started to dream about going on a sailing adventure there are a lot of questions that pop up and in these subpages we will try to summarize how we have done things and our experiences. All boats and crews are different and we are no experts in the area, but we think there cannot be too many information pages about sailing the world, so here is ours.

From here you can find the following information:

A list of all equipment we bought and brought with us for our sailing trip.

Our costs before departure, renovation of the boat and cost for equipment.

The paperwork needed for us and our sailboat to sail to the Caribbean.

(Soon to be updated)

Our sailing route with stops marked with dates and comments.

preparation costs sailing around the world
We do all the renovation work ourselves to save money.

This page about the cost for our sailboat equipment was updated on March 4th 2020 with current exchange rates: SEK->USD: 0.11 and SEK->EUR: 0.095.