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New boat – a Wasa 530

We’ve finally bought a new boat, a beautiful Wasa 530!! We started glancing the market for a new boat almost immediately after we returned back home to Sweden in August 2021 and now 2 and half years later we have bought this boat, a Wasa 530. It has been standing for 10+ years and is in need of some renovations.

We will probably talk more about or boat buying process in an upcoming video on YouTube.

More information and fact about our new boat can be found on this page: About/The Boat – Anne-Mon II.

On our YouTube channel (youtube.com/sailingannemon) we will post updates about all the renovations and upgrades we’ll do. We have already posted a first Boat tour video:


wasa 530

We are Thomas and Petra and late August 2020 we left Sweden to start our first sailing adventure. We sailed for a year to the Caribbean and back again. October 2023 we bought a new sailboat, a Wasa 530 that is need of some renovation.

On our youtube channel (youtube.com/sailingannemon)you will be able to follow our process – from buying a sailboat that has been standing for 10+ years and turning her into a perfect blue water cruiser!

Our plan going forward is to post a new video bi-weekly on Saturdays.

More info about our new boat can be found here: About/The Boat – Anne-Mon II.

Playlist with all videos from our sailboat refit:  • 2. Wasa 530 Sailboat Refit  

Playlist with all videos from our previous sailing adventure:  • 1. Atlantic Circuit 2020-2021  

Our first boat Anne-Mon I was also a renovation project. On this website we have a lot of blog post about the renovations of Anne-Mon I. 

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