The Boat – Anne-Mon II

Anne-Mon II is a sailboat of model Wasa 530. She was built in 1990 by Wasa Yachts in Sweden. It is a sturdy boat that is built for blue water sailing, and has been out on longer sails in the past.

When we bought the boat it had been standing for 10+ years, on our YouTube channel you will be able to follow our progress on renovating and upgrading the boat for blue water sailing.

Some facts about Anne-Mon II:
  • Name: Anne-Mon
  • Model: Wasa 530
  • Year of manufacture: 1990
  • Manufacturer: Wasa Yachts
  • Constructor: Leif Ängermark
  • Length Over All (LOA): 53 ft ( 15,98 meters)
  • Waterline Length (LWL): 43 ft (13,25 meters)
  • Width: 4,35 meters
  • Depth: 3 meters (keel down), 1,75 meters (keel up)
  • Weight/displacement: 14’900 kg
  • Keel-type: Fin keel, Lifting keel
  • Hull: GRP Sandwich
  • Stern: Negative
  • Rudder:
  • Engine: Volvo Penta TMD 31 Turbo 98hp
  • Fuel tank: 5 tanks (volume unknown)
  • Water tank: 3 tanks
  • Holding tank:  70 litres
  • Rig: Masthead
  • Main mast: 24 meters
  • Cabins: 4-5
  • Heads: 3

Here is a short boat tour video of the boat, from when we just bought it:

And here is some pictures of our Wasa 530:

wasa 530
Our new boat, a Wasa 530. Picture taken the first day we went to look at it.


Picture from deck in the bow.
The cockpit.


Wasa 530 layout
Layout of our Wasa 530.
Navigation table
The galley.
Saloon area.
Guest cabin on port side.
Head in the bow.
Small workshop area.


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And if you are interested in seeing more about the work we do with the boat in the future, go to our YouTube channel: Sailing Anne-Mon where we will try to post a video regularly about the work we do on the boat. 

On this page we have also gathered all our previous videos: