Youtube videos

Before we started our sailing trip we enjoyed watched a lot of Sailing YouTube channels. During our year sailing the Atlantic Circuit we filmed a bit every now and then, and chose to share make videos out of what we filmed and uploaded it on YouTube so that we could share more of our adventure. Here is all of them gathered, or the once we have uploaded so far. In the videos we speak mostly Swedish but all our videos have English subtitles. Hope you enjoy the videos!

Ep 30: Through Scotland on Caledonia canal

Ep 29: Navigating the tidal currents of Menai Strait

Ep 28: On anchor along the coast of Pembrokeshire

Ep 27: We see whales on the sail to Wales!

Ep 26: A suprise on the anchor from the anchorage in Horta, Azores

Ep 25: Atlantic Crossing, Caribbean to Azores – Part Four – Strong winds on the Atlantic ocean

Ep 24: Atlantic Crossing, Caribbean to Azores – Part Three – Broken Autopilot, no wind and hand steering in the rain

Ep 23: Atlantic Crossing, Caribbean to Azores – Part Two – We loose the steering at the middle of the ocean!

Ep 22: Atlantic Crossing, Caribbean to Azores – Part One – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 21: Airplanes and Atlantic Crossing Preparations at Sint Maarten – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 20 – We explore caves at antigua – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 19 – Magical Beaches at Barbuda – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 18 – Very Nice sail Up To ANtigua – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 17 – Hot springs, jungle sleepover, smoking landscapes and even more waterfalls – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 16 – Pirates of the Caribbean location, More hikes & waterfall at dominica – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 15 – Engine problems and first hike on nature island dominica – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 14 – Snorkeling and exploring southern grenadines – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 13 – quarantine days and we explore st vincent and the grenadines – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 12 – atlantic crossing east to west, part 3 – land ohoy! – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 11 – atlantic crossing east to west, part 2 – A day on the atlantic ocean – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 10 – atlantic crossing east to west, part 1 – seasickness and Christmas – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 9 – A marlin following us on the sail to Cape Verde – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 8 – Sand, sea, fire and mountains at the Canary ISlands – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 7 – 5 days with no wind towards the Canary Islands – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 6 – our last stop in mainland Europe – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 5 – Big waves along the POrtuguese coast – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 4 – we sail across the Bay of Biscay – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 3 – We explore Normandy – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 2 – engine problems & Canals – Atlantic Circuit

Ep 1 – Departure – Atlantic Circuit

Sailing YouTube channels
A picture of us just when we started the sailing adventure.

So this videos are our contribution to the world of Sailing Youtube channels. Hope you found them interesting! 🙂