• Last night of our sailing adventure

    August 5-6, 2021 After almost one year out sailing we started our last overnight sail, from Torrö close to Västervik to Bullerö in Stockholm archipelago. It was a nice calm sail, we sailed outside of the archipelago up to Bullerö. When we started the trip one year earlier we sailed the inshore route as it felt safer to close to the islands, but on the return trip we sailed outside as we thought that was easier. No need to worry about hitting a rock or something during the night. Quite some different mindset after a year. We really have become more comfortable with open water and sailing during nights than…

  • Budget långfärdssegling till Karibien

    Här kommer en liten sammanställning om vår budget för vår långfärdssegling. Vi har sökt runt en del på internet för att få uppfattning om hur mycket pengar man ska räkna med.

  • Costs update

    If you are curious about what all our renovation of the sailboat have cost so far and what equipment we have bought and the costs for them, check out our Cost & Information pages, link HERE. We have just updated them with the most recent costs. We also updated the budget post we wrote not so long ago, with updated budget that reflects our new plans, which is to sail back to Sweden as well. The blog post can be found by clicking HERE.

  • Budget sailing to the Caribbean

    This is our budget estimation we did before starting our sailing adventure, if you want to know what the actual outcome was, go to Cost for Sailing the Atlantic circuit.  A big question-mark, but yet important thing when planning our sailing adventure to the Caribbean is what the budget will be. We have been googling a lot to get input on what it actually costs to go sailing. But it is hard to get a good answer since it depends a lot, what type of lifestyle you have, what kind of boat among some of the things. We have tried to gather some information and applied it to us, our…

  • New inlet socket for 230V & leakages

    In this blog post we will share some of our work from last weekend; continuing with our 230V system and also uncovering more leakages on our sailboat as we remove more styrofoam. Since there was no rain for a couple of hours this weekend we managed to do some outside work, which was to add a new, fine inlet socket for the 230V system.  The connection towards land was earlier just a hole into one of lockers in the cockpit. The hole was on the outside of the cockpit which didn’t we thought didn’t feel so safe. So we took a piece of teak and made it look nice and…