Sailboat renovation

Repair the guardrail

September 2018

While we worked with the plastic cracks we also decided repair the guardrail. The stanchions for the guardrail were loose in two places. We removed the old screws, drilled the holes and used our precious cabin heater to dry the holes.

guardrail is loose
The guardrail were loose at two places.


The stanchion has a reinforcement that has been cut off by the previous owner. It can be seen in the picture as the cut off angle. This might have been done to change the inclination of the guardrail. We will weld these later when we have rigged the mast to be sure how we want it.
adding selant to repair the guardrail
When the holes were dry we added sealant and put them back. We used tape so that the sealant would be in a nice line around the attachment.
Before the screws were threaded in the deck. But since more than one stanchion in the guardrail had got loose, we decided to mount them with through-hole bolts, attached on the inside of the hull with nuts. We added a lot of sealant on them, so that we wouldn’t have leakage through the new screw holes.

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