Sailboat renovation

Finalizing the plastic repair in the cockpit (for now)

September 2018

It was time for us to finalize the plastic repair in the cockpit. Since we had opened a plastic crack with some wet and rotten wood inside, we decided to ground and open up some other small cracks. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t ignore some cracks that would cause problems for us later. And this was a good thing as well, since there were some wet wood in some of the other cracks.

Repairing a plastic crack
We started open a plastic crack next to the hatch door. The wood inside the crack was wet and needed to dry.
We removed the handle to be able to ground the plastic crack thoroughly.
Then we added some polyester and fiberglass on the crack to make it stronger.
We did the same thing with a plastic crack on the other side of the hatch door.
Even after 9 layers of fiberglass in the weak corner of the cockpit we still thought it was too weak. We drilled a few holes and filled the with PU foam. The PU foam expanded inside the holes and made the corner stronger.
The lockers on the side of the cockpit got reinforced with fiberglass and polyester as well.
We also removed the old hatches for the lockers in the stern of the cockpit. This is how it looked before.
The old plastic hatches for the lockers removed. We added some extra polyester on the edges. We will mount the new hatches later, when the spring arrives. Under the seat the exhaust for the generator and the engine can be seen. The exhaust for the generator divides the cooling water from the air, which makes the generator much more quiet.

Now the autumn is really arriving in Sweden and the days are too cold for working with plastic. We will continue with the plastic repair in the cockpit when spring arrives and leave it in its current state over the winter. All of the cracks in the cockpit are fixed and will not cause any more damage. What is left to do when spring arrives is to spackle, grind, paint with topcoat and mount the new hatches.

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