Cleaning the engine with EcoPar diesel

September 2018

When we had finished repairing the plastic cracks in the cockpit we decided to continue working with our engine, a Volvo Penta MD19. Our next mission was to to empty the tanks and fill them with clean diesel, EcoPar. The engine is still quite smoky and still has trouble to run idling, and we heard that EcoPar is good for cleaning the inside of the engine.

When we bought the boat the fuel tanks where almost full with old diesel, that had been there for 10 years. We emptied the fuel tanks and gave that diesel to our ship. We had bought a “clean” diesel, EcoPar. Since it is so clean we heard that it is also good for using to cleaning the inside of the engine. We filled up the tanks with this new clean diesel, EcoPar, and took Anne-Mon for a little tour so that the diesel could do its job.

Smoke from the exhaust
A picture of how much smoke it was when we started the engine today. When we first started the engine (when we bought it) there were a lot more smoke. But we still thought it was too much, and we hoped that the new clean diesel we bought would solve the problem.

As the tour went on we imagined that there was less smoke, but still too much. The engine is still not able to run on idle, but is able to run on lower rpm than when we first started it. When we first started it it wouldn’t go below 1000 rpm, but now it is able to run at 800 rpm. We are not sure that the instruments are calibrated correctly, so that may be a reason that it doesn’t seem to go below 800 rpm.

It was a very beautiful late summer evening. This picture is taken outside of Fjäderholmarna, known as the first islands of the Stockholm archipelago.

We have decided that we will lift out the engine from the boat during the winter. We will do a full service, clean and repair and/or change the parts. The engine weighs about 270 kg (594 lbs), so it will be interesting to see how we’ll manage to lift it out.

If you want to follow our service of our Volvo Penta engine, you will be able to read more about it under the category Engine, and if you want to see all of the renovation we do you can read more in the category Renovation.


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