Atlantic Circuit,  Caribbean

Hurricane damage hotel, Frigate Birds and sink hole

March 30-April 3, 2021

After a quite long time at the southern part of Barbuda we sailed up to Low bay, a bit up along the west coast. The beach on the west coast was once the 17 mile beach but after the hurricane Irma the part of the beach disappeared and opened up an entrance into the Codrington lagoon. At the bach there used the be a hotel that was now very much destroyed after the hurricane.

The beach at Low Bay.
Very pink colors in the sand.
The hurricane damaged hotel

One day we took a guided tour to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, which was really cool. Being at the sanctuary felt like being in a Planet Earth episode. The birds are very big and not afraid of us. We could watch chicks being feed, male frigates showing off and birds flying around at very close distance.

A guided trip to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary.
Birds everywhere!
Male Frigate blowing up his red balloon under the beak to impress the females.
A lot of birds in the sky.
A walk through the town on Barbuda, Codrington.

The following day we took another trip to Darbys Sink Hole, which was a very cool place. Barbuda in general is very dry but in the sink hole there was a small rainforest.

On the way to the sink hole.

Walking down into the sink hole.
The rainforest in the sink hole.

After the sink hole we went to a cave, which was not very cool but nice visit anyway.

We ate lunch at a casino at Barbuda, the food was actually really good!
Road block in Codrington.
Buying some groceries at Barbuda. No big stores here but we found a lot of the stuff we were looking for.
Rainbow at Low Bay.

After two weeks at the beautiful island Barbuda it was time for us to leave and sail back to Antigua again.


We are a little behind on the blog posts and are currently in Sint Maarten preparing for the Atlantic crossing back to Europe which we will start tomorrow. So there will be no updates on the blog while we are out on sea. You can follow our position under Current Position here on the blog.

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