Diesel injection pump renovation and assembling engine parts (part two)

December 2018

We had decided to do a diesel injection pump renovation once more to make sure that it was working smoothly. After that it was time to continue assembling the engine parts, see part one of assembling the engine HERE

During the whole process of assembling the engine we painted it in stages. Since we have taken the whole engine apart we also wanted to make it look nice, and by painting it in stages we could get new paint everywhere. Of course, this is not only to make the engine look nice, but also to protect it.

Some more paint on the engine block and new paint on the cylinder head while we still had it on the engine stand.

Diesel injection pump renovation

We have done a small diesel injection pump renovation before (if you want to read more about it, click HERE) to make the engine start. Since we we were doing a complete service of our engine, we wanted to do the same to our diesel injection pump.

Our diesel injecton pump before taking it apart.
All of the parts in the diesel injector pump.

During our diesel injector pump renovation we did:

  • a thorough cleaning of all the internal parts
  • changed all sealings and gaskets

The old dirt coating on the mechanical governor made it lag, and that was probably the reason we couldn’t run very good on idling.

Assembling the engine

When we were satisfied with the diesel injection pump renovation we continued with assembling the engine parts. The engine were now starting to get heavy and we removed it from the engine stand.

The valve cover, diesel injection pump, water pump  and the holder for the heat exchanger mounted.
New paint on the exhaust manifold.
The impeller for the sea water pump.
The starter engine mounted onto the engine, and new gaskets for the connections to the exhaust manifold.
The cover for the flywheel mounted.
The engine before mounting the exhaust manifold.
Mounting the heavy exhaust manifold.
Exhaust manifold at its place and some new paint added on the engine.
Not much left to add on the engine now!

Now we have everything we need to have connected to be able to do a first start. Then we will do some service to the circulation pump and the heat exchanger and final paintings. To see all our previous blog posts about the engine renovation, see category Engine.



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