First start after service (and circulation pump renovation)

Januari 2019

Finally it was time to start the engine for the first time after service. We still hadn’t connected the heat exchanger, but we just wanted to start it so that we could see that it actually starts and that there doesn’t seem to be any major issues before assembling more parts of the engine.

A little movie from the first start :

Everything worked good. Before we started the service it wasn’t easy to start the engine, but now it started immediately on the first try. We only ran the engine for a couple of seconds so that it wouldn’t get to warm. As can be seen in the video there is some smoke when starting the engine, this is because all oil used during assembly combusts during first startup.

Now we knew that everything worked well. We continued working with assembling the rest of the engine parts and other things we needed to get done, for example renovating the circulation pump.

Added the alternator onto the engine.
The alternator.
The circulation pump before starting to take it apart.
The old shaft in the circulation pump. We had ordered a service kit for the circulation pump, if you want to read more about where we found our spare parts, click HERE.
Using heat to remove the old  bearings from the circulation pump.
One of the old bearings.
Assembling the new parts for the circulation pump. On the picture you can see the pump wheel and the new shaft.
The new pump wheel for the circulation pump in place.
Assembling the circulation pump onto the engine.

Next up will be to do the final renovation of the heat exchanger, so that we can test running the engine with water connected as well.


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