Assembling Volvo Penta MD19 (Part One)

December 2018

After we had cleaned all the parts of our engine and all the new spare parts had arrived it was time to start assembling our Volvo Penta MD19 engine. During the whole process of assembling the engine we used our handbook for Volvo Penta MD19 a lot. In the handbook all necessary torquing and measurements were specified.

The new pistons and liners.
Measurement of the height of the liners. The measurements were done according to our Volvo Penta MD19 handbook. The top of the liners relative to the engine block should be 10 um without the sealing assembled.
The new crankshaft bearings assembled.
The new pistons inserted. When we added them we added a lot of oil and made sure that we got oil on all the piston rings.
First piston added.
All pistons added. They were pretty hard to get into the liners. We used a compression tool as help, the tool compresses the piston rings together so that the piston would get inside the liner.
Crankshaft mounted..
Carefully adding grease onto the cams of the camshaft. This was done to make sure we will have a smooth run-in of the new cam followers.
The camshaft re-mounted into the engine block.
The final transmission gear and a new gasket.
The cover for the transmissions added onto the engine.
The oil pump.
The oil sump added onto the engine block.
The gasket between cyleinder head and engine block mounted.
The engine turned around and the gasket between the engine block and cylinder head.
This is how the cylinder head looked before. As mentioned earlier we had outsourced the service of the cylinder head to another guy since we didn’t have the correct tools.
And this is how the cylinder head looked like when we got it back! 🙂
The cylinder head mounted on the engine block.
Using a torque wrench to attach the cylinder head. We attached it according to our handbook, which meant attaching them in a certain order and tighten them a little bit in turn.
The valve mechanism added.
The engine is getting bigger again.

Next up will be to do some more service of the diesel injector pump and continue assembling the remaining engine parts. All of our blog posts about our engine restoration can be found under the category Engine, if you want to read more about it.

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