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Another hike on Dominica and finally we found a waterfall

February 28-March 1, 2021

Dominica is really “Nature-island” and offers a lot of hikes and we had a lot of planned hikes we wanted to do on our stay there. So we had a quite busy hiking schedule!

Our next hike would be a segment of the Waitikubuli trail. It is a hiking trail that goes from the south part of Dominica all the way to the north. It is divided into 14 segments of different levels. We had decided to walk along the 13th segment up in the north. We took a minibus together with Emma and Roger from Sanuti and Bram from Calypso, from Portsmouth to Capuchin were segment 13 started.

It was a pretty trail along the north coast, with some cool scenery along the way.  The trail was clear all the way and it was quite an easy hike.

A cute little waterfall along the hike.

The segment ended near Penville and from there we walked along the main road back to Portsmouth. From the road we took a small detour to see some cold water sulphur springs. A cool place were it bubbled up from the earth below. The smell was really bad though!

On the way to the cold sulphur springs.
The cold water sulphur springs.
Bathing our feet in the sulphur springs, said to be quite good for the skin..
On the way back to Portsmouth we found a little hiking trail again, with a lot of green!
Road blocked by a cow.

The following day we went on another hike, and the mission with this hike would be to find a waterfall we could swim in! We took another bus from Portsmouth south towards Roseau but jumped of were the road to the Syndicate Falls started. We had hoped that we would be able to hitchhike with some farmers to the path towards Syndicate Falls, but we didn’t see any car. So instead we walked along the road through the farm lands, which took about one and a half hour.

We took a local minibus towards the fall.

We found the path to the falls and in order to get to the fall we had to cross the river four times.

Cool Dominican views on the way to Syndicate Falls.
We walked next to the river to get to the falls and had to cross the river four times before we could reach the falls.
First crossing.
Second crossing!
Third crossing, getting closer to the waterfall!
Fourth crossing, Syndicate Falls in sight!
Roti lunch break!. Roti is a common fastfood in the Caribbean. It is a kind of bread-wrap filled with some kind of meat or vegetables, potatoes and curry! A very tasty and usually cheap meal.
After lunch it was time for a swim in the waterfall!

After we had finished swimming below the waterfall we started heading back. We got surprised by a big shower and were really happy when we got a ride with some local farmers back to the main road. We got dropped off by the main road where we were able to catch a minibus. There are no scheduled busses like the ones we are used to back home here in Dominica. In Portsmouth and Roseau there are bus stations and the minibuses leave when they are full, and then they are really full! When you think that you cannot fit another person in the minibus another seat magically pops up! When heading back you just stand by the road until you see a minibus, wave to them and if they have room they stop and pick you up.

Really happy to get a ride back to the main road by some local farmers.

The day after this hike we had a chill day around Portsmouth, hanged out a local bar, played some volleyball etc.

A sign at a local bar in Portsmouth.
Vaccine myth at the same bar. When we got to Dominica they had just started vaccinating their citizens.
Volleyball on the beach!

Part 1 of our Dominica adventures can be found in the video below. We speak mostly Swedish in the video, but English subtitles can be activated for all videos.

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