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Red rocks, chocolate factory and another waterfall

March 2, 2021

In Dominica we mostly went on hikes on ourselves without any guide, but a few trips we did with a guide. One of them was the Indian River boat tour we wrote about in a previous blog post and another was a day trip by car to different locations on the island. For this trip we went with a guide called Paul and we drove through a lot of villages, he gave some history of the island and the different villages we passed by.

Our first stop on the trip was to the red rocks near Calibishe. It was a fascinating place with the red rocks just by the seaside. At one place you could go down in a canyon and walk through a pretty narrow patch through the rocks.

Red rock!
Narrow passages in the rock structure

The next stop of the day was to the chocolate factory, here we could see every step of the chocolate making, from bean to bar. We got to taste some delicious chocolate and of course we bought a couple of chocolate bars!

Cocoa beans that is fermenting.
After the fermenting they are left to dry.
And then it is roasted and after that there was a few more processes until you get the actual chocolate bar.
Different flavors

Next up was a drive and stop at the Kalinago territory. Dominica is the only island in the Eastern Caribbean that’s still home to the Kalinago people (pre-Colombian indigenous people). It is a quite big territory and some homes still have traditional structures. They have a small museum, Kalinago Barana Auté, which is a recreated traditional village. After a tour there we stop at a restaurant with a really cool view for some nice lunch.

Traditional sculptures in the Kalinago reserve.
Beautiful views.
More sculptures!
A waterfall in the recreated traditional village, a legend says that a mermaid recently lured two fishermen to death in the pool below the fall….
Very nice view from the lunch restaurant.
Local guava juice in a pretty bowl/glass.
In Dominica a lot of bars have their own flavored bush rum, some of the flavors in our lunch restaurant.

After a delicious local lunch we continued to a waterfall, the Spanny Falls. It is a twin fall, where you walk over some rock to get to the second fall. AT the first fall you can easily swim, which we did.

Taking a swim in the pool below Spanny Falls.
Spanny Falls.

After a long, but really nice day we went back to our boats to prepare for our next Dominican adventure.

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