Jungle sleepover in Dominica

When we were in quarantine and talked about what we wanted to do in Dominica we started talking about sleeping in the jungle one night. We pitched the idea to Emma and Roger on Sanuti and Bram on Calypso and they were up for it as well. So every hike we went on we kept an eye open for a good potential camp spot. 

One day we walked another path of the Waitikubuli trail (think it was segment 10 or 11) to look for a good camping spot. That part of the trail hadn’t been cleared since the damaging hurricane Maria in 2017. We brought machete and tried to cut our way through masses of razor grass. Razor grass is a kind of grass that sticks onto your skin and leaves cuts. Horrible grass! After we had tried to walk through the path for a really long time we decided to head back, we were not going to find a good camping spot here anyway! But heading back was not an easy decision as we would have to walk back through the grass once more and get even more cuts!

Feeling really miserable and tired after fighting our way through the razor grass.
Cuts all over from the razor grass.
This is how razor grass looks!

The day after Thomas and Roger went on an excursion by themselves to give it another try to find a good camping spot. And the found a nice one, next to a river and quite close to Portsmouth so we wouldn’t have to walk so far to get to the spot.
The following day we met up to pick up some chickens we ordered and started to make our way to the camping spot we found.

Waiting for the chicken.
Close to our camping spot was this worn down bridge…

But we had to walk over it anyway

Once we got to our camping spot we started building our shelter, we built it only from stuff we found in the jungle, palm leafs and so on
And prepared to start a fire.
Fire almost started
We started as soon as we could with the chicken.
Camp finished, we built a roof and then slept in hammocks with mosquito nets.
We spent the evening around the fire, eating chicken and drinking rum! We watched the sun set and heard the jungle come to life as darkness came.

Sleeping one night in the jungle was a really cool experience! It was really cozy sitting by the fire during the evening and listen to all the sounds. We also saw some really cool phosphorescent lights in the ground close to the fire, quite an Avatar experience!

We woke up in the morning, made a simple breakfast and cleaned after us and headed back to our boats, just to leave them a few days later to stay in the mountains in southern Dominica for a couple of days. But more on that in next post.



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  1. I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Dominica my beautiful birthplace. Continue your exploration in safety. 🇩🇲

  2. Looking at that chinken over the fire you’ll made me feel like camping,somthing I hvnt done in a long while…glad you enjoyed the experience tho, and your always welcome to our beautiful nature isles..

  3. Glad u all came and enjoyed the nature isle of Dominica , please do come again and enjoy more beautiful sites:; blessings upon u all

  4. Thanks for visiting my beautiful blessed country the nature island. i feel so good to know you all had are great time. Do come again. Don’t forget to visit the fresh water lake next time. At Laudat village. We’re i leave.

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