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A short visit in A Coruna

October 18-22, 2020

After our Bay of Biscay crossing we arrived to the town A Coruna and as it was sunny and we were surprisingly fresh we decided to talk a walk around town.

Town centre close to the marina.
It was really nice to see some beaches with beautiful water.

We walked out to Hercules lighthouse, a very old and beautiful lighthouse.

After three days of sailing and a walk around the town we where really tired and went to bed early.

The morning after it was very rainy and we stayed inside the boat for most of the day and fixed a couple of things. One thing was to change oil in the engine again and also empty the water separator from the diesel filters and the tanks.

Well needed to empty the water separator at the water from the diesel filters.

We also met up with another Swedish boat, Taipan, and had a nice tapas dinner with them as well as a game of paddle the day after.

Due to the weather we stayed 4 nights in A Coruna, and most of the time it rained a lot so we spent a lot of time in the boat cleaning and fixing stuff. When a new weather window came we decided that we would skip the rest of the northern coast of Spain and do a longer sail all the way to Portugal…

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