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Night sail to Portugal and Viana do Castelo

October 22-25, 2020

After 4 nights in A Coruna we found a weather window to continue and as there was a lot of strong winds coming in later on we decided to skip the rest of the Spanish north-west coast and do an overnight sail to Portugal. Have we not been so late we had loved to explore this coastline but we really longed for getting to warmer latitudes and we didn’t want to get stuck.

It wasn’t the most comfortable night sail, it was rainy and not so comfortable waves and we where really happy when the sun started rising and morning came.

We arrived to Portugal and the town Viana do Castelo around lunch time and started taking a walk around the town, which was really pretty!

Viana do Catselo was a really beautiful town.
We took the railway up to the hill.
A temple for Sanit Lucia on top of the hill. The view from here down on the town and out at the sea was really beautiful.
Old Roman ruins.

Later in the day the sailboats Svala and Freyja also arrived to Viana do Castelo and that evening we had an amazing boat crawl.

The following day we were a bit tired and it also rained a lot the entire day. We had a pretty chill day and did some small jobs, cleaning the boat and watched some series.

The next day the weather was better and we took a walk around town once more together with Svala and Freyja.

This time we walked up to the top of the hill, ate lunch at a local restaurant with the most amazing chocolate mousse dessert! It was so good!

We started preparing to leave Viana do Castelo, however there was some big swell coming in from the Atlantic and we had to decide if we could sail in those waves or if we would have to wait them out. But more about that in our next blog post.



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