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Whiskey and wine on Islay

July 4-6, 2021

We did an overnight sail from Wales to the island Islay in Scotland. Once again we had a lot of fog in the morning when we got close to Islay. We entered the marina at Port Ellen early in the morning, we ate some breakfast and then took a walk in Port Ellen.

First thing we found in Scotland was… a winery. Islay Wines make fruit wines that was really good and they were superfriendly as well! Make sure to visit if you are visiting Islay!
Beach in Port Ellen.

After lunch we took the whiskey path, a walking path that goes past three distilleries. Islay whiskey is famous for being smoky.

First distillery we passed was Laphroaig. Due to covid it was not open for tours in the distiller but the tourist shops were open.
Next stop was Lagavulin, same here with the tours but here w got to try some different whiskeys.
And third and last was Ardbeg.

After the walk we had a nice dinner out with Sanuti. It was our last night together. We met in Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines half a year earlier and sailed together since then. But now they would sail to the Outer Hebrides and we were on our way to the Caledonia Canal.

Bye bye :'(

The following morning we got up early and started the sail towards the Caledonia Canal entrance.


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