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Exploring Faial

May 29, 2021

After we had gotten most of all jobs we needed to do after the crossing we set out to explore the island Faial. We really like the Azores in general, amazing nature, very good food and we were quite lucky with the weather on our stay. A lot of the food you buy in stores on the islands are also produced here; dairy products, meat and fruit and vegetables. Which is really nice!

The people are also really friendly and a lot of pretty buildings. Really, really recommend that you not just “pass by” the Azores.

We rented a car together with Emma and Roger from Sanuti and took a tour around the island. So here comes some pictures from our daytrip around Faial:

On a dirt road at Faial.

Found a secret stream along the road

Drove through villages
Found a cute horse

We visited the lighthouse of Ponta dos Capelinhos, a lighthouse that was half buried by ash in a volcano eruption. As you can see it is ash everywhere.
Pretty lighthouse
Here you can see how much ash that covered the lighthouse building. On this picture you can only see the top of the windows of the bottom floor.

Nice view!
Walked up to a top so we could see the lighthouse from above
A cool semi-natural harbour close to the lighthouse
Salt crystals and some animal/plant in the seawater pools by the cliffs.
Next up we drove to the Caldeira located in the middle of island
And walked on the edge around it
Very cool, green colors

At a viewpoint at Faial, below to the right you can see the town Horta

We drove back to Horta and also did some more exploring of the town. We ate good food at nice restuarants and also found this:

A boat graveyard!


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