Teardown of Volvo Penta MD19 (outer parts)

November 2018

We were now ready to start the teardown of our Volvo Penta MD19 Engine (which is very similar to MD21). Our best friend during the teardown (and when assembling the engine) was the workshop manual for Volvo Penta MD19 engine.

starting teardown of volvo penta md19
We started with removing the heat exchanger.
The heat exchanger removed.
The connection between the heat exchanger and the exhaust manifold had corroded a lot. It also looked like it had been “repaired” earlier by using some kind of rubber.
Removal of the exhaust manifold. It is made of cast iron and is therefore very heavy.
Exhaust manifold removed! (The cute dog in the background belongs to Thomas parents)
Next thing was to remove the starter engine.
Starter engine removed.
The injectors removed.
The injectors.
The starter engine, seawater pump and oil cooler.
The diesel injection pump and seawater pump removed.
removing valve cover volvo penta md19
Removing the valve cover. In this picture the freshwater pump is also removed.
The valve cover removed. Inside here the valve mechanism can be seen.
Taking out the valve mechanism.
The inside of the valve cover with valve mechanism removed.
cylinder head removed volvo penta md19
The cylinder head removed. It didn’t look like there was something wrong with it, without removing the valves. We will outsource the service of the cylinder head, since we don’t have the right tools to do it ourselves.
Cylinder head removed.
Turning the engine around so that we can remove the oil sump.
The oil sump removed. The sump was very dirty and black.
Dirty oil sump.
The inner parts of the engine seen from below. Lots of dirty oil here.
Not much left of the engine now. We also started to remove the outer parts of the flywheel.
Removing outer parts of the flywheel.

There are a lot of small parts when doing a tear down of an engine. We put all screws and other small parts in plastic bags and put a note in each of them with the name of part of the engine they belonged to and in which order we took them off. This took some time to do when taking the engine apart, but when we started putting the engine back together it saved a lot of time.

The next step will be to disassemble the inner parts of the engine, you can read more about it HERE. If you want to read more about our service of the engine, you can read more about it under the category Engine.

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