Disassembling internal parts of Volvo Penta engine

November 2018

When we had removed the outer parts we started disassembling the internal parts of our Volvo Penta MD19 engine. If you want to read more about our removal of the outer parts, click HERE.

The pistons removed. They looked quite good at first sight and the piston rings were loose. We had suspected that they would be stuck since we had bad compression in the engine. We will probably buy new pistons anyway even though they looked good.
This is one of the liners. Some of them had really bad corrosion, so we will try to buy new ones.
Removal of the camshaft.
The flywheel removed.
The flywheel completely removed. A lot of grease and dirt inside…
The crankshaft is next to be removed.
The crankshaft removed.
Finally we removed the crankshaft bearings.

During the process of disassembling the engine, we made sure that there wouldn’t be any dirt on the internal parts. For the internal parts we organized them so that we knew which part had been at a certain place in the engine and also which parts belonged together. We did this so that the parts we were to reuse would be re-mounted in the same location as they were before. The parts could been differently worn out depending on their location in the engine.

Now we have taken apart all the parts of the engine. All of the parts are really dirty and will need some proper cleaning. We will also have to decide which parts of the engine that we will outsource to someone else, repair ourselves, buy new or which parts that doesn’t need repairs or to be changed.

From what we know at this point we will:


  • The cylinder head. Since we don’t have proper tools for that service we will leave it to another guy.
  • The same guy will also fix the connection between the heat exchanger and the exhaust manifold

Buy new:

  • Pistons
  • Liners
  • Piston rings
  • Cam followers
  • Push rods
  • Crankshaft bearing
  • Connection rod bearings
  • Freshwater pump
  • Gaskets


  • The rest of the heat exchanger
  • The water pump
  • Diesel injection pump

The other parts not mentioned here seems to be in good shape, for example the camshaft, exhaust manifold etc. We will clean them and re-mount when it is time to do that.

The next step of our engine service is to clean the parts of the engine. If you are interested in reading more about our service of our Volvo Penta MD19 engine, then read more about it under the category Engine.



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