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Sailing and boatwork

After a couple of days out with our ship Aline with some friends it was time to spend the last week of our summer vacation out with the sailboat in the Stockholm archipelago. The weather forecast for this week showed a lot more wind than last time we were out. We set sail, and started with the main sail, but took it down after a while. We don’t have any good way of reefing the headsail at the moment and that is something we need to fix. In the wind that was on this day (20 knots, gusting around 30 knots) we probably could have sailed with the main sail and head sail up, since Anne-Mon is long keeled and have quite short mast for a boat of this size. But we haven’t sailed her for so long and no need to test the limits right know. Instead we tried setting the smallest of our headsails on the cutter stay, just to see how that works. It worked alright, didn’t go very fast but in the right direction.

sailboat stockholm archipelago
Setting our smallest headsail to test it and the cutter stay.

When we had sailed for some time it was time to search for a good anchorage spot. We where around the islands close to Möja, in the middle of Stockholm archipelago. These islands are not very good for northerly winds and the number of anchorages are limited. We sailed/motored for a while looking for good spot and after 2-3 hours of searching we anchored at Horsholmen. It was not the perfect spot but we secured the boat properly.

We anchored and ate dinner, pretty tired after our search. The next day it was still quite windy and we decided to stay at Horsholmen for the day to do some work on the boat and go chanterelle hunting. We had been safe for the night and the wind wouldn’t change direction.

While we’ve been out on the boat we have noticed some leakages when it is raining. It was time to fix one of them, which is the hatch above the bathroom.

Boatwork on Horsholmen, starting to removing the hatch.
Hatch removed, getting rid of the old sealant.
sailboat stockholm archipelago
Adding new sealant, and then we attached the hatch once more. We noticed while pouring over water that the hatch itself is not completely water-proof, but that will most likely not leak by rain only.

After some hours spent on boatwork it was time for chanterelle hunting. We had found a couple of chanterelles when we arrived so we knew that there were mushrooms on the island.

Walking around searching for chanterelles.
We walked for a long time with no sign of chanterelles, and was just a bout to turn back to the boat…
And then we found them! 🙂
A lot of them, too!

We went back to the boat and cleaned the chanterelles, got to bed early since we had decided to sail to Björkskär the next day. But more on that in the next blog post.

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