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Sailing in Normandy

October 3-10, 2020

It was stormy weather in the Atlantic and no good weather for us to leave Dieppe so we stayed there a week. During that week we got a lot of small jobs done on the boat, which was good. For example, more work on autopilot installation, fix our toilet (that started having some small issues on the way to Dieppe) and other small stuff. As we where closing in on Bay of Biscay we also spent a lot of time preparing for the crossing, by cooking a lot of food and put it in our freezer box. So when we where gonna do the crossing we would only need to cook pasta or rice and heat the food. Nice way to get good warm food while sailing.

As soon as a weather window appeared it was time to continue, but again a shorter distance. Or next stop would be Fecamp, a bit further west along the Normandy coast. On the way to Fecamp we got our first seasickness, Petra did not feel very well and threw up once on the way there.

Arriving to Fecamp.

When we arrived in Fecamp we started by taking a walk around town and up to a hill with a nice view and steep slopes.

Walking around in Fecamp.

Nice view over Fecamp.
WWII bunker.

The following day we rented bikes with the plan to bike along the coast towards Etretat. It was a very nice bike ride, with beautiful places along the way. And pretty tough as it was a lot of slopes. We ate lunch at Etretat and watched the cool cliffs by the beach before we started heading back. In total we biked 40 km so it was a good exercise for us.

Cool cliffs at Yport.
Low tide.
See the people in the picture?
Cool sheep on the way to Etretat.
The very cool cliffs at Etretat.
A cool building in Etretat.

After our long day of biking we went to bed early to rest for a longer sail towards Cherbourgh the day after.

Video from our time in Normandie. We speak Swedish in the video but have added English subtitles for all our videos.

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