Sailboat renovation

Preparing the topsides

One of the jobs we have on our to-do list for our time on land is to re-paint the topsides. As we also have done some plastic repairs on the attachments on deck it felt like a good idea to re-paint the topsides.

So when we were finished sanding below the waterline we just continued with the topsides. Our plan is to paint the topsides first and finish them and then continue painting below the waterline. This way the hull will get maximum time to dry out before we seal it up with epoxy primer.

Starting to sand the topsides.
We had to remove quite a lot of the old paint.
Finished sanding 🙂

We spent a lot of days sanding, even spent the entire Midsummer weekend by the boat instead of celebrating (Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden), but at least we ate herring by the dock.

Midsummer celebration with herring and fresh potatoes.
We also had some cute visitors by the boat. when we arrived one morning

After the sanding was done, we have continued with fixing the final damages above the waterline and started adding putty on the places were it is necessary. Right now we are a bit unlucky with the weather though. From being around 25-30 degrees Celsius the temperature have dropped to around 15-20 with rain almost everyday.

But in the meantime we fix other stuff, finalizing the new electrical panel, documentation needed (will write a piece about this soon) and other stuff we need to get done. No rest here 🙂

Hopefully the weather change to the better soon so we can continue.

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