Sailboat renovation

Our boat is starting to look fancy!

We are definitely starting to make a progress with our mahogany interior. And the result is really good, we are really happy with our decision to do this work, even though it takes time. It both looks really good and also a lot of improvements with the boat smell. The entire boat is bit by bit starting to feel a lot fresher. One thing we did that has been a huge improvement smell-wise, is that we have set up old computer fans in the bilge to drag out the air in the bilge outside instead of it rising into the living area of the boat. We are also looking at renting a ozon generator to get rit of some old boat smell.

Now let’s look at some mahogany pictures.

Setting up some mahogany.
The final result! 🙂
This is how it looked before, hard to show on a picture but the fabric was pretty worn out, had lost a lot of color and had gathered a lot of the famous boat smell.
And this is how it looked behind the old fabric and the styrofoam we got rid of. Very dirty and some mold as well. Really nice that we opened it up and cleaned behind.

We have planned to add mahogany at two more places, around the navigation table and at our aft “cabin”. After that we also have some more work to finish our electrical installation and also continue with our autopilot, of course. And also get all paperwork in order.

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