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Building our own freezer

Before our summer sail we bought a new refrigerator from Dometic (more about in an old blog post, click HERE), instead of making our own, but now we will start building a freezer as a complement to our refrigerator so that we can store all fish we will (hopefully) catch. Next to the entrance under the bed there have been a cooling box previously, so we will use the same space as well, but with some modifications.

First up to do was to remove the old insulation in the box, and the old cooler. We will use another, newer, one we have already, from a refrigerator in a truck. It is a Danfoss BD35F compressor with a plate evaporator that we will mount in the top of the new freezer.

building freezer
Started to remove the old insulation. The cooling box as it was before didn’t have any surface above the styrofoam and some of them were really dirty and it was a lot of smell inside the cooling box. Very nice to get rid of it.
Styrofoam removed and the old cooler.
The box zoomed out.

As we want a freezer we will add more insulation than it was previously in the box, we will also use closed cell foam insulation that does not absorb any water. We will cover the insulation with white-painted aluminum.  This gives us a surface that is easy to clean. We removed some of the wood around the box to make it a bit bigger and since the new top will lay on the insulation.

building freezer

Unnecessary wooden parts removed and measuring how big the freezer we are building actually will be.

The freezer won’t be very big but we are prioritizing low power consumption instead of having a large freezer. This way the food we store here will be kept cold and if it should break for some reason the items will stay cool for a longer time.

If you want more posts about our freezer and how we built it, all posts about it can be found under the tag freezer.

During the weekend we have also started to prepare a roof to match our new mahogany strips. Our boat will soon look absolutely amazing! 🙂

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