Cleaning the engine parts and first layer of paint

November 2018

When we were finished with the teardown of the engine, it was time to start cleaning the engine parts. The inside of the engine was full of old engine oil and other dirt.

The inside of the engine block. Full of dirty and old engine oil. We used a fat soluble agent together with a high pressure washer with hot water to get rid of all old engine oil.
The inside of the flywheel cover before cleaning.
And after cleaning!
The oil sump before cleaning.
The oil sump after getting rid of the old engine oil.
The inside of the engine block after cleaning. We tried to be as quick as possible to add oil after cleaning so that there wouldn’t be too much rust. As you can see in the picture there are some tendencies for rust, but we solved it by adding oil and it didn’t get worse.

We used an engine stand to make it easier to paint the engine block and to assemble the engine parts later.
First layer of new paint on the engine block.
First layer of paint on the oil sump and cover for the flywheel.
And first layer of paint on the start engine, the flywheel cover and the transmission cover.

We have ordered new parts for the engine; new pistons, liners etc, which will hopefully arrive soon.

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