Electrical system work

The autumn has arrived early in Sweden and the entire weekend there has been some rain, so instead of going sailing we worked with the boat. Most of the work this weekend has been focused on getting electricity to more functions. We will redo the entire electrical system on the boat, even though some of it where connected when buying the sailboat, the boat has been left alone for over 10 years so some of it needs to be changed anyway. We also want to have good knowledge of our electrical system so that if (or when) something breaks we can easily fix it, because we have made the electrical system ourselves.

The first thing we did was to mount two more of the solar panels we bought.

Adding Sikaflex to position two more solar panels.
Weights on until the Sikaflex has hardened.

Now we only have two more solar panels to position onto the deck. We haven’t installed the final two yet since we don’t have everything to do that at the moment. It has been ordered and when it arrives we can connect some more solar panels and make our batteries happy!

Drilling a hole for the instrument for the solar panels.
In position. Next to the solar panel instrument we have a multi instrument that shows depth, speed etc. And above them the radar is supposed to be. Not so much charging today, due to all the clouds.

Next up was to continue with the electrical system. The only function we have finished from before is the electricity for the engine, navigational instrument and to the refrigerator. Now we continued with other functions. As we have mentioned earlier we have a substation for our electrical system, located in the bathroom. This means that we don’t have to pull every cable to the main station in the stern which makes the work easier for us.

The electrical substation in the bathroom.
electrical system sailboat
More cables to be pulled.

During the weekend we connected electricity to the electrical substation,  the lanterns, the sea water pump and the deck lights for the main mast. All of the later functions go via the substation.

We also started changing the hoses for the freshwater system. Next weekend we might try to fill up the water tanks to see how dirty they are and continue to get our fresh water system working.

Changing the hoses for the fresh water system.

Next weekend we will probably continue with the electrical system and work with the rig. If the weather is good we might also take a little sailing tour.

Will also try to update the pages under Cost & Information with the most recent Renovation costs and information and add some information under Equipment (currently empty) so don’t forget to check those out in a couple of days.

Final preparations before our summer sail

Before our summer vacation sail we had some small final preparations to get the boat in order. First up was to get the old piece of teak back in position in the cockpit.

Sanding the teak before putting it back in the cockpit.
In position on the cockpit. We are still missing the final piece in the stern so we will need to buy a new piece.
The winches back in position.
Securing the sharp edges with some tape to protect all the different ropes and sails.
We also mounted the instruments we have on the mizzen mast.

We have bought a new Garmin plotter which needed a position as well. We chose to place it under the spray-hood. We had one idea of putting it one the mizzen mast together with the other instruments but there is not room enough on the mast have it in a good way.

Drilling a hole for the cables for the plotter.
The cable entry for the plotter. Soon the cables from the solar panels will be drawn through here as well.
The plotter in position.

We have also bought a new refrigerator, Dometic CRX 110, which needed to be installed as well. We thought for some time to build our own cooling box but decided not to. The reason for that is that it will be a lot of work and if we want to go sailing this summer we would have to buy us out of this one. But this refrigerator looks really good and it is big so we will be able to store a lot of food.

Taking a look at our new refrigerator.
One minor problem is that the refrigerator doesn’t fit properly, so we had to destroy it to get it in place.
A piece of the insulation removed.
After some work, the refrigerator is finally in position! 🙂

We have a oil lubricated shaft seal which didn’t had an oil reservoir but just a hose to fill oil in. We decided to build an oil reservoir and make sure to mount it well abode the waterline.

 Some pieces for the oil reservoir…
and after some soldering it ended up in this.  
It is made out of copper pipe and a threaded fitting as a lid. 

When all work was done, it was cleaning time. After almost 11 months of renovation it was well needed.

The sofa and table in position with cushions and all.
The bed in the bow made and ready to be slept in.
A net for fruits is a must on a sailboat! 🙂

Tomorrow we will set sail for a couple of days and sail in the Stockholm archipelago. Feels amazing that we will finally be able to enjoy our sailboat for a while after all the work we done so far. It is far from finished though. We still need to have her up on land to go over the bottom, we have no water installed yet and the water tanks needs cleaning (on this sailing trip we will bring water with us in a water can) and a bunch of other things. But that is something we will do after the summer.