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Weekend sail to Lådna in Stockholm archipelago

This weekend the weather was kind of promising so we set out sailing towards Lådna in Stockholm archipelago. Petra’s parents and their dog Felix were visiting and they needed to leave early on Sunday so Lådna was perfect since it is pretty close to where we have Anne-Mon right now. We also wanted to find some mushrooms and last year we visited Lådna with our ship and found a lot of chanterelles.

Lådna’s location in the archipelago.

It was a pretty calm sail on Saturday morning and we got to try the new mail sheet traveler we added a while back. The behavior of the main sail was much better and it was also easier to handle the main sheet.

Petra’s parents dog Felix, first time on a sailboat.

We arrived to Lådna, had some lunch and went on a hunt for chanterelles.

Skomakarviken Lådna Stockholm archipelago
Anchored in Skomakarviken in Lådna in Stockholm archipelago.
Beautiful Swedish forest 🙂

And we found a lot of mushrooms, yellow chanterelles, autumn chanterelle and some other mushrooms. So now we will have mushrooms to eat for the entire autumn 🙂

mushrooms Lådna Stockholm archipelago
Good mushroom catch in Lådna.

After the mushroom hunt we had some work to do cleaning the mushrooms and preserve them. Some of them we cooked so that the water in them disappeared and left in the freezer and some we will dry.

We also had to look for tics, and all of us had some that stuck. There aren’t a lot of dangerous animals in Sweden and the tic is one of the worst. It carries diseases, which could be quite serious if infected.

We prepared some dinner and went to bed quite early, tired after sailing and mushroom hunting.

Lådna Stockholm archipelago.
Beautiful sunset in Lådna, Stockholm archipelago.

The day after it was cold and cloudy. We prepared a nice breakfast and got ready to leave.

Sunday breakfast.

The sail back was much colder and the rain was close. Fortunately for us, it started raining when we were back.

Much colder on Sunday compared to Saturday.

Petra’s parents left as soon as we docked, but we stayed a while and worked with Anne-Mon for a while, but more about that in next blog post.


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