Sailboat renovation

Varnishing companionway and cleaning

When we fixed the companionway before summer (read more about it HERE) we didn’t have time to finish completely. What was left to do was to varnish it and some adjustments in the frame, which had gotten loose during summer. We had glued it before summer but the glue wasn’t strong enough, so we added screws on the frame to make it hold better.

The outside of the companionway (teak) before adding varnish. We oiled the companionway before summer.
Adding varnish.
The inside of the companionway before adding varnish.
… and after!
Sorry for the bad picture, but the companionway back in position after several layers of varnish. We lost count after a while…

Another thing we have been working a lot with lately is removing styrofoam in the boat. It has gathered moist over the years and is probably a big cause of the “old boat smell” we are working hard to get rid of. So in order to get rid of the smell, all styrofoam has to be removed!

The styrofoam in the aft cabin. As you can see on the picture it is not so fresh.
Hard work removing all the styrofoam.

We will continue removing styrofoam and let the hull ventilate, clean it and then we will add a much nicer finish than styrofoam on it. But we still got a lot of places left, there are enough styrofoam on the boat to keep it from sinking!

Apart from the final fixes of the companionway and styrofoam removal, we have also worked a bit with the electricity. Mostly getting more light. In Stockholm this time of the year the sun sets around 3 p.m. and when working in the evenings it is nice to have good light.

We have also continued with the holding tank but will write more about that in a separate blog post.

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