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We thought that we would add a blog post about our ship. Thomas bought the ship in April 2015 and before staring to renovate the sailboat we have done a lot of work on the ship. The ship was built in 1967 as a Swedish military vessel. She is 22 meters long and made of steel.

For us the ship is perfect to use in the archipelago, and we spend a lot of time on her during the warmer months. We have done a lot of work with the interior of the ship so it is a really comfortable way of visiting the islands of the archipelago and it is no problem to stay out for a longer period of time.

swedish military vessel
The ship, an old Swedish military vessel, at an autumn tour.
  • Type: Military vessel
  • Construction year: 1967
  • Construction site: Fårösund
  • Hull material: Steel
  • Length: 22 meters (72ft) (with the bathing platform)
  • Bredd: 4,84 meters (16,4ft)
  • Depth: 1,4 meters
  • Machinery: 2xScania DSI11 (350 hp each)
  • Cruise speed: 10 knots
  • Fuel tank: 2’400 liters
  • Water tank: 800 liters
  • Holding tank: 900 liters
  • Generator: Onan 16 kVA
swedish military vessel
Celebrating Swedish Midsummer with friends in the beautiful bay Säck in the Stockholm archipelago in the summer of 2017.

She is a patrol boat 70 (Bevakningsbåt 70) and went by the name of HMS Sprängskär when she was serving in the Swedish navy. She was built at Marinvarvet at Fårösund (Gotland) in 1967  and got a makeover in 1987. In 1987 she was asbestos sanitized, got new engines (Scania DSI11) and a new wheelhouse.

swedish military vessel
At the very beautiful island of Björkskäret in the Stockholm archipelago.

She was sold by the Swedish Navy in the late 90s and bought by an individual. The previous owner did some jobs to change her from a pure military vessel to an ordinary ship.  Painted her (before she had a camouflage paint), added windows etc. He also removed one of the engines, when she was serving in the navy she had 3 engines. When Thomas bought her there were still some major jobs that needed to be done.

One job we did was that we changed a part of the hull and some part of the keel, which was very rusty. We have also done some work with the interior and many other things.

swedish military vessel
The ship in the dry dock.
Swedish military vessel
The ship in the dry dock, unfortunately we didn’t take a picture after we had painted the hull.
Swedish military vessel
The stern-deck looking towards the bow.
Inside the wheelhouse, quite messy with lot of tools everywhere. We are not finished with the renovation  and when not working with the sailboat we work on the ship.
A closer look at the steering, most of the equipment here is original from when she was used as a Swedish military vessel.
The stairs to down below, and a woodstove.
Down below seen from the stairs and looking towards the bow.
The galley, on starboard side.
The sofa down below, which Thomas built himself
The bedroom located in the bow.
Down below seen from the bedroom.
The bathroom.
The entrance to the engine room, next to the kitchen.
engine room Swedish military vessel
The workshop in the engine room.
engine Swedish military vessel
A closer look at one of the engines.
engine Swedish military vessel
Both engines. The third engine, that she had before, were located in the middle.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our ship, an old Swedish military vessel! 🙂 If you want to read about our sailboat, click HERE.


  • Pär

    Fantastiskt kul att se gamla hur fin gamla HMS Sprängskär är. Jag tjänstgjorde som värnpliktig i den sista besättningen 1994 innan vi blev överflyttade till ersättaren HMS Händig. Har fällt sjunkbomber och skjutit automatkanon från 75:an. Minns att vi pratade om vilken potential båten hade om man kastade ut all militär utrustning. Kul att se att någon gjorde slag i saken!

    • Sailing Anne-Mon

      Kul att höra från någon som tjänstgjort ombord. Ja, det är en båt med mycket potential, vi är mycket nöjda med henne 🙂

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