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Stuck at Vejrø with a broken engine

September 10-18, 2020

While we waited for the engine parts we spent our days fixing other stuff on our boat and also explored the island we were stuck at. There where bikes that was free to use so we took advantage of that and took a tour around the island.

We used the bikes on the island and set out to explore.

The beach at Vejrø.

As we bought a bunch of food before our departure from Stockholm we had plenty of food to eat during our stay (no food store on the island, only able to buy small stuff). We also got a lot of help from the people working on the island, they lent us some tools we didn’t bring along and we got to use their workshop.

We also got a lot of work done, for example:

  • Installing autopilot
  • Finalizing bow thruster installation
  • Final solar panels installed
  • Outboard maintenance
  • Some adjustments on our furler
  • … and other smaller stuff

After a long wait we finally got our engine parts, first the circulation pump, which we shortly noticed was broken. There was a hole in the pump house towards the screw attachment… We couldn’t believe we where so unlucky. We think we can use this anyway, by sealing the screw attachment with silicon sealant and a copper washer. We had hoped that we at least could get some refund or reduction on the original price for the pump as it is pretty expensive, but right now the shop we bought the pump from want us to pay full price for this broken circulation pump…

The following day the pulley arrived and we where very nervous when we opened the package, we weren’t sure it was the correct one and as the pump turned out to be broken, we were afraid this could be to. Lucky for us, the pulley was the correct one and wasn’t broken.

The old and “new” second hand pulley.
The broken circulation pump and pulley in position.

We assembled the engine, started it and it worked! 🙂 So on Friday afternoon we quickly left Vejrø and set sail towards Kiel in Germany.


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