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Starting to install our watermaker

After we got rid of the diesel heater we have started thinking about how to install our watermaker. We bought a second hand watermaker a couple of weeks ago. Read more about our watermaker HERE.

We have thought quite a lot about where we should position all the parts for the watermaker. The criteria we have taken into consideration when choosing where to position is:

  • We want to have a pre-tank that can be separated from the main water tanks when running the watermaker, and when finished it will be open towards the main tanks. This way all our fresh water won’t be bad if something goes wrong with the watermaker.
  • We want to have the pre-filter easily reachable since this filter needs regular supervision.
  • We want to have the osmosis filter and main pump close to each other, so we don’t need that long high pressure hoses.
  • We want to have somewhere we can taste the water made by the watermaker before letting it down to the main tanks.
  • We also want to use through-hull connections for taking in sea water that is as far away from outlets as possible. We have read that the filter is especially sensitive towards fats so we don’t want to use the inlet we have that is next to the outlet from the kitchen. We have another inlet in front of the kitchen (if sailing) which we are considering. It is a bit closer to the toilet outlet but if moving forwards it will hopefully be okay and when on anchor we will probably use the holding tank anyway.

With these criteria we decided to position the pre-water tank were the old fuel tank for the diesel heater had been. It will be easy to use gravity to fill the newly made fresh water into the main tanks. The water tank is located under the sofa in the galley, and is pretty easy to access.

Thomas doing some measurements for the water tank.
Trying out how the pre-water tank will fit. It will be position above one of the main tanks (which is the stainless tank seen below, the other thing to the left in the picture is our water heater).
install watermaker
In the bathroom we have the pre-filter, from here supervision of it is easy and spare filters and other parts can be located in the basket above. There is a storage on the left side of the cabinet of equal size where we can have our stuff, which will be more than enough.
A closer look at the filter. The sea water inlet is located under the bathroom.
install watermaker
Under the bed in the spare cabin we will have the osmosis filter and the high pressure pump. Close to each other, which was exactly what we wanted. On the picture we try out how to position the pump.
The osmosis filter in position in the spare cabin.
install watermaker
A quick overview of our start of installing the watermaker and where we have chosen to position the main parts for our watermaker system. The inlet for the seawater is located in the bathroom close to the pre-filter. We will make a more detailed picture and info about this system and how we install it when we have installed more of it.

When we have the main components for the watermaker system installed we will connect them and install the final stuff. We will add some more details and more info about our water maker installation. For example, we want to use a pre-pre filter before the pre filter to get rid of big pieces of junk before the water enters the watermaker system. We also have a salinity monitor that will be connected. To be continued… 🙂

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