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Welcome to our sailing blog! We are Thomas and Petra, a Swedish couple with a plan to sail around the world. This page is meant to be a way for you as a reader to easily navigate on our blog and to find the information you are interested in.


  • Under About there are a few subpages, with the following information:
    • Visit The Boat if you want to know more about or sailboat.
    • Visit The Crew if you want to know more about us.
    • Visit The Plan if you want to know more about our plans and planned route.
  • The page Cost & Information contains information about our costs and other stuff that we would have wanted to know about before starting this project. This page also contains four sub pages (will also add a fifth soon with paperwork related information) with more information about the costs related to our project:
    • Sailboat Renovationthe costs and information related to our renovation of the sailboat. 
    • Sailboat Equipment costs and information about the equipment we have on our sailboat.
    • Other Equipment — costs and information related to other cruising equipment. 
    • Sailing Destinations costs and information related to sailing destinations, information will be added here when we start sailing.

Our sailing blog can also be navigated by using the categories or tags. The different categories and the tag cloud can be found by navigating back to the Home page, scroll down and look at the right-hand side menu (or if you are on a mobile device, scroll down to the bottom).

Categories & Tags

We will use categories and tags for our sailing destinations and if you are interested in reading our blog posts related to a specific part of the world, sea, country or area you can use this map below. There are markers with different colors in the map:

  • The yellow markers are larger areas corresponding to a category on our blog, for example Northern Europe. In that category you will find all blog posts from that part of the world.
  • Blue markers are seas or ocean and contain all blogpost with countries and areas that have coastline to that sea, for example Baltic Sea will contain all blog post about sailing the eastern coast of Sweden and the Baltic coastlines of Denmark and Germany.
  • Red markers are countries and here you find all our blog posts about sailing in a certain country, for example Sweden.
  • Green markers are smaller areas, like Stockholm archipelago for example.

As of now this map doesn’t have a lot of destinations (and some doesn’t have a link yet, they are just there for show right now) but as we start our journey we will add more. By clicking on  a marker you will find a link and you will be redirected to the tag related to that destination where all our blog posts about the specific part of the world, sea, country or area will be found.

Blog posts before departure

Links to all blog posts about our renovation before departure can be found by clicking on the link HERE.

Hope you’ll enjoy our sailing blog! 🙂

sailing blog
Our sailboat Anne-Mon anchored at Huvudskär, in southern Stockholm archipelago.
sailing blog
A picture of us, Petra & Thomas, the owners of this sailing blog.

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