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Welcome to our sailing blog! We are Thomas and Petra, a Swedish couple with a plan to sail around the world. We will try to share as much information as we can about the things we wanted to know about when starting to plan our cruise. As time goes by we will add more information and on this page we will gather links to most information.

What kind of boat?

Our boat, Anne-Mon, is a long-keeled ketch of model OC35 (Ocean Cruiser 35). She was built 1965 and is a pretty robust, heavy boat. We think she will make us feel safe and comfortable during our journey. Generally speaking a long-keeled boat is more stable in bad weather, holds the course easier, but the drawback is that it is a bit slower and also harder to navigate in tight marinas. We have a bow-thruster that will help with that. It is also ketch-rigged, with a shorter main mast than most boats of this size, which should make it safer during bad weather. If one of the masts should go down we will always have an extra mast. One of the main drawbacks with a ketch is of course the extra costs, more sails and rigging compared to only having one mast.

Interior-wise she feels pretty big. We really like that you can spend time in the galley and still be able to have a really good overview of the outside, compared to a lot sailboat where the windows are pretty high up.

We bought an old boat, with some need for big renovation jobs, but most of the time we enjoy renovating our boat. More info about our boat can be found The Boat.

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Our sailboat Anne-Mon anchored at Huvudskär, in southern Stockholm archipelago.

Why go sailing?

We started talking about going on a sailing adventure pretty early on after we met. Not sure of how we got into it, but we both started studying after high school and wanted to travel and agreed that going by sailboat would be really cool. We bought a book about cruising, started following some sailors on Instagram, blogs and Youtube, graduated from university and started saving up money and finally bought our sailboat. More about us can be found under The Crew.

Where do we plan to sail?

We plan to sail from Stockholm, Sweden to the Caribbean and back as our first sailing adventure and we plan to be away for a little more than a year. As the Corona have caused a lot of insecurity around the globe the last couple of months we are prepared that our plans might change and it might not be the sailing adventure we once planned. But we still wanna give it a go, we have planned and looked forward to go sailing for so long and we think it will be awesome even if it might not be as we originally planned it. More details about our sailing plan can be found under The Plan.

Under Our route we update how we sailed so far with our stops marked with dates and small comments.

 What have our sailboat renovation cost us so far?

Short answer is; more than estimated 😉 We made an estimation when we bought the boat and everything we have logged everything we have bought related to the renovation. Our main realization is that all the small thing under the “Other” posts grow really big, and they are really hard to estimate. Our tip so far if planning a sailboat renovation; make a good estimation of the things you want to renovate and then double it.

Our renovation costs could of course also have been less. We have done a lot of work on the interior for example, which cost a lot but not necessary. The things we do we try to so well so that it will last a while.

More details of our sailboat renovation, with costs and information about what we have done, can be found under Preparation costs.

What kind equipment do we have?

This is also a biggie cost-wise. Marine equipment is expensive. We try to find as much as we can second-hand, and if that is not possible we try to buy things when there is a sale. Somethings we also do ourselves, for example we built our own autopilot (more about that HERE).

More about the equipment we have bought can be found under Equipment.

What kind of paperwork is needed?

Under Paperwork we have gathered all the paperwork we have for ourselves and our boat. Our biggest challenge related to paperwork so far has been insurance for such an old boat as ours is, more about that HERE.

What does it cost to go sailing?

We have made a budget for our year of sailing, based on extensive internet searches and hopefully it will be quite accurate. If not, we have some extra money as well. You can read about our budget HERE. During our year of sailing we will keep an eye of the expenses and share them under Cost for sailing.

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Blog posts before departure

Links to all blog posts about our renovation before departure can be found by clicking on the link HERE.

Hope you’ll enjoy our sailing blog! 🙂

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A picture of us, Petra & Thomas, the owners of this sailing blog.

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