Sailboat renovation

Sliding hatch renovation

It was time for some sliding hatch renovation. Our sliding hatch was broken in some places and was also leaking a lot through the window. We do not want any leakages at all and there have been a lot of water coming in to the boat through this hatch and it is something we really want to fix before the summer season.

This is where we started. The wood had some cracks and it was leaking through the window.
The outer window removed and started repairing the crack that we had on the side of the sliding hatch. We use expanding glue for these reapirs.
Continuing with repairing the wood at the front of the hatch.
Adding expanding glue.
Fixing it with clamps.
After all the repairs it was sanding time, to get rid of the old varnish and make the surface even.
Looking fresh! 🙂
Then it was time to add linseed oil on the wood. We used raw linseed oil.
After adding linseed-oil.

After adding the linseed-oil we left the hatch alone for fourteen days. We did this so that the oil will harden completely. Now it has gone more than fourteen days since we did the oil treatment and we will start varnishing the wood and figure out how to best repair the leakages.

Another thing we have done in our war against leakages is to stabilize one of the deck hatches.

The surface on some places towards the hatch was filled up with foam and made the area around the hatch quite unstable. It is also hard to do a proper finish on this.
Removing the outer part of the foam. While removing the foam we discovered that some of it was wet. Our guess is that it has been leaking through the screws so we will re-seal them.
Foam removed.
We cut out some wood pieces in the correct size and glued them in position.
And after the strengthening. Now we just need some finish here.
A closer look. We also removed the screws to the hatch and re-sealed them in hopes that they will not leak.
We also removed some other screws so that we could add new sealing in the holes. We haven’t seen any leakages here but better safe than sorry.
Adding new sealing inside the holes.

The temperature in Sweden is finally rising and hopefully we will be able to do some plastic work in the cockpit during the weekend. Then we will hopefully start preparing for rigging the masts soon! 🙂

We have also updated the Cost & information page about our renovation, check it out by clicking HERE.


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