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Skåne, last outpost in Sweden

September 3-7, 2020

As there wasn’t very much to do in Kristianopel this time of the year we got to bed early and started our sail towards Skåne (the most southern part of Sweden). We headed for the town Simrishamn, an 80 nm sail. We started the day with some sailing but it was mostly closed haul sailing, which is not Anne-Mon’s favorite, it is hard to maintain speed while having a high point. Our boat is more of a beam-reach boat. But we pushed on for a couple of hours and when the wind died we started the engine. At that point it was completely calm, but shortly after the waves started to build up and not long after we had pretty big and steep waves against us. The waves together with pretty strong gusts made it hard for us to maintain speed and in some waves we almost stopped (or at least that was what it felt like). After a couple of hours in these uncomfortable waves we finally reached Simrishamn and were able to moor. We got straight to bed really tired after a long day with a tough ending.

Picture just after the waves calmed down a bit on the way to Simrishamn, already a bit tired and still pretty far to go until we where in the harbour.

The following day, Friday September 5th, we spent the day fixing a lot of stuff, sorting some of the things we just throw into the boat right before departure. We also took a well deserved shower and took a walk around the town. In the evening Petra’s sister came to visit and joined us for our sail to Kåseberga the day after. And she stood for the sailing trip’s first throw up 🙂

On our way from Simrishamn to Kåseberga.

When we arrived to Kåseberga we met up with Petra’s parents again (as they live in Skåne), ate lunch at a cafe by the sea and walked up to Ale’s stones, a megalith monument in the shape of a ship, probably dated to the Nordic Iron Age. They are not sure why it was made from the beginning but some of the theories are grave monument of cult center or a sun calendar.

Ale’s Stones with the sea in the background.

The cliffs right by Ale’s Stones. It was pretty windy on our day of visit.

The following day we set off again, this time towards Gislövs läge, just outside Trelleborg, which would be our last stop in Sweden before heading towards Denmark.

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