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Sailing up to Northern Wales

June 30 – July 3 2021

After a night in Solva we left Pembrokeshire and sailed up to Northern Wales, or not really sailed. It was no wind so we mostly used the engine. The days before there had been northerly winds and in the upcoming days it would be northerly again so we choose to sail this day anyway.

We sailed overnight and in the morning there was some fog. We arrived late morning to the entrance to Menai strait. A narrow strait which is very much affected by the tidal currents. This day we would only sail a short distance, to Caernofon, in the strait and not through the worst part. We only had to time when the water level was high enough for us to enter the strait. At low tide it is too shallow for sailboats.

The entrance to Menai strait. At low tide the entrance is to shallow for sailboats to enter.
We sailed together with Sanuti.

We entered the marina in Caernofon and took a walk around town.

The castle in Caernofon.

The old city wall.

We ate fish &chips for dinner together with Sanuti.

The following morning we took the bus to the nearby town Llanberis. First up on the schedule once we arrived was to take the train up towards Snowdon. We took the train up and the walked down. It was a sunny and nice day and the surrounding were very nice.

The Snowdon train.

Mountains with slate quarries.
At the end of the path down from Snowdon there’s a waterfall (really close to Llanberis), so we decided to take a look at it.

We found the waterfall!
Roses in the town Llanberis.
A church.

We had some lunch and then went to the National Slate Museum to learn about all slate quarries in town.

Sheep and quarry!
The National Slate Museum. Very good and interesting museum (and also free of charge)

A former slate quarry.
We walked up the slate stairs next to the quarry.
A very cool oak and slate house.
We walked down again. The surroundings around Llanberis were very pretty for sure!
After the slate quarry we walked to an old medieval castle.

A swing in the woods.

We took the bus back to Caernofon, ordered som Indian take-away and watched a movie. We also double-checked the tidal charts, as we would sail through Menai strait the following day, and you don’t want to time that wrong.


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