Atlantic Circuit,  Northern Europe

Sailing along the east coast of Sweden

July 28- August 4, 2021

After two nights in Skanör we continued the sail along the Swedish coast. Our next sail would be an overnight sail to Kalmar. We left Skanör quite early in the morning. We wanted to arrive in Kalmar not to late the next day as a gale was incoming. We had booked a spot in the marina to be sure we got a place for the night when the gale would pass.

The sail up to Kalmar started out calm, but when we reached the strait of Kalmar the wind picked up and the last part of the sail we had some strong winds. We reached Kalmar safe and sound in the late afternoon and took a walk around the town.

The castle in Kalmar.
Kalmar marina.

We stayed in Kalmar two night to let the bad weather pass. After that we sailed up to Västervik, with a short stop at anchor one night on the way up to Västervik.

We stayed one night on anchor on the way towards Västervik.
In Västervik we walked around, celebrated Petras birthday.

Västervik was a really pretty town.

After Västervik we stopped by some friends summerhouse outside Västervik for a night before we did an overnight sail back to Stockholm archipelago.

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