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Sailing across the North Sea

July 11-17, 2021

So after almost a year away sailing it was time for us to start our last longer sailing leg. We would sail from Scotland to the south-west coast of Sweden where Petras parents live.

We left Inverness in the afternoon and sailed with the tide out towards the North Sea. The first evening was calm and we motored all night. The following morning we got some wind and could set sails. Usually during our previous crossings we have filled in what we’ve been doing each day in the log book, but for this crossing we unfortunately did not. So this blog posts will be some snapshots of what we remember from the crossing.

In the beginning of the crossing we sailed through areas with a lot of oil rigs. But still they are quite far from each other. When you look at the charts it looks like it will be so crowded but in reality the distances are quite big. In general it was a good, but slow crossing. As we don’t have any day to day logs we will show some pictures instead.

A pretty sunset the second night of our North Sea crossing.
In the beginning of the crossing we had a lot of oil rigs around us.
One morning we even saw an oil rig being towed by two tug boats. Quite cool!
When we got closer to Norway/Denmark the amount of ships increased a lot, and it was a long time ago we had this many boats around us.
When we got into Öresund we had a lot of porpoises (a small whale, similar to dolphins) swimming behind the boat. They are usually a bit “shyer” than dolphins.
Before we reached our first stop in Sweden we hoisted all our courtesy flags 🙂

We sailed to Arild, in southern part of Sweden as our first stop back in Sweden. When we reached the harbour in the morning we had some family and friends welcoming us.

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