Sailboat renovation

Removing leaking window in cockpit

We recently fixed a leaking porthole we had in the cockpit, but that was not the only leakage we had in the cockpit. There is a also a window on the deck in the cockpit which has been leaking a lot. It is just a plexiglass sealed with marine sealing. Since most sealing materials doesn’t stick pretty well on plexiglass we will remove this window completely. For a while we had an idea of having a proper deck hatch, but they are expensive and our cockpit is pretty small so the hatch might make it feel smaller. We also have an idea of having a table in the cockpit and then we want to have choices on how mount that.

But before starting to remove the window we removed the cover for the steering pedestal. From this we found that it was dirty inside, that we have chain and wire steering and that we need to do some further investigations on how the steering works. This means opening the metal hatch seen in the picture below, but we will save that for another day.

Cover removed from the steering pedestal.
Removing the old sealing from the plexiglass window. Very thin layer, so no surprise that we have had a lot of leaking here.
Window removed 🙂

We will fill the old window with a marine plywood. We bought a big piece of this mahogany plywood. It is made for non visible places, but it looks pretty good so we think we might be able to use it for some interior as well.

Using the plexiglass as a template to cut the plywood.
Perfect fit!
Gluing the pieces together. We cut two pieces of plywood as 2 times 12mm matches the thickness of the deck in the cockpit pretty well.
Now the glue will have to dry and then we are ready to finish the plastic work when the temperature in Stockholm rises.


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