Sailboat renovation

Prepping for mahogany strips

As we mentioned we are working on the interior in the boat and to make it look nice. We will set up mahogany strips on the hull, but before that we have some more prepping work to do. The inside of the hull has been covered with a lot of styrofoam, which we have started to removed and clean the hull behind it.

The styrofoam is removed in most of the places, but not all of them. We take it step by step.

Cleaning the hull.

After cleaning we have started to set up vertical wood strips that we will fasten the mahogany strips on.

Since the hull is exactly straight we used thin strips of wood glued together, which is easily shaped to fit the hull.

Setting up plywood strips.
Perfect to use turnbuckles to fix the plywood onto the hull.

We have made an order on mahogany strips and hopefully we will get them soon. So to be continued…

This is mostly what we are doing now and it is a job that takes a lot of time and the progress is slow. We are also looking a lot at paperwork and what we need for the trip. Will write more about that later when we have obtained all the information we need.

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