Sailboat renovation

Our 230V electrical system

We are almost finished with our 230V electrical installation and thought we would share our thoughts about the installation.

We wanted automatic changes between shore power, generator and inverter.  With two relays we designed the following priority of our power source:

      1. If shore power is available it feeds the battery charger, water heater and the outlets
      2. If generator is available it feeds the battery charger, water heater and the outlets
      3. If the inverter is available the feed the outlets.
230V electrical system sailboat
An overview of our 230V electrical system on our sailboat. Our power sources consists (marked red in the picture) of our generator, connection to land and the inverter. The consumers (green in the picture) consists of battery charger and water heater. We also have six power outlets in the boat.

The inverter we have is a 350W continues modified sine wave inverter. It is quite small but we think that will be enough for us. It followed with the boat and to buy a bigger one is not really prioritized right now,

The water heater is installed to a dedicated outlet so that it is easy to turn it off in case of limited shore power.

Battery charger
Our batter charger, a Victron phoenix 12/30.
The battery charger, inverter, charge controller for the solar panels (not for 230V system) and the electrical panel in the stern. And some cables that needs to be properly organized…

This was some short thoughts about our 230V, more about what we did this weekend will be up soon. 🙂

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