Sailboat renovation

New traveler car for the whisker pole

There was no rain last weekend so we managed to do some outside work, an done of them was to add a new traveler car for the whisker pole. The old traveler car had lost the ring you use to move along the traveller. We have tried earlier to remove the end part of the traveler so that we could change the traveler car, but the screws at the end is stuck and we haven’t been able to loosen them.

So instead we decided to remove the entire traveler from the mast, in order to get the new traveler car in place.

traveler car whisker pole
The old traveler car for the whisker pole, the end part of the traveler was impossible to remove due to the screws being stuck.
Starting to removing the traveler for the whisker pole.
traveler car whisker pole
The new traveler car for the whisker pole.
Attaching the traveler once more on the mast using pop rivets.

We also got took the time to climb the main mast for the first time. The reason for that was because when we tried out the new genoa we bought (second hand) last weekend one of the halves in the top bearing fell down on the boat because we hoisted the genoa to high. We wanted to climb up to see if the other half was still there or if it fell down into the sea…

Petra climbing the mast.
The other half was missing as well and probably at the bottom of the sea.

We have a pretty old furler so finding spare parts isn’t easy. The solution will probably be make a new one in a lathe. Thomas has his own lathe so we will use that one and figure out how to make the other half.

We also did some other things during last weekend as well, but more about that in next blog post.

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